Class Gift Campaign

Make a lasting impact for all Gators -- past, present and future -- with a Class Gift.

What is a Class Gift?

In short, the Class Gift is about students helping students. A Class Gift is an annual tradition that allows graduating students and their families to leave a legacy for the Gators that follow. The SF State community has been made better for students by those who have made gifts to SF State. No matter how big or small, every donation and a portion of each Alumni Association membership will benefit the HOPE Fund for students in need.

Give to the Class Gift

Class Gift Campaign Challenge - GOAL $12,500

The Foundation Board has offered a dollar-to-dollar challenge, matching all gifts toward the HOPE Fund Crisis Loan up to $12,500. If we reach $12,500, we'll be able to double the contributions to $25,000 and establish the HOPE Endowment Fund, ensuring this financial support is available to students for years to come. As a token of our appreciation for your donation, you will be given a cord to wear at graduation. Wear it with pride and let people know that you gave HOPE!

You may also make a Class Gift by mail. You can send your check to:

San Francisco State University
1600 Holloway Avenue - ADM 153
San Francisco, CA 94132

Please make sure your check is payable to "University Corporation".

What does the Class Gift Support?

The Class Gift supports the HOPE Fund Crisis loan, which directly benefits SF State students who experience an unexpected crisis. Many students experience traumatic life events such as the loss of parental support, abuse/violence, loss of a job, car break down, fire or natural disasters, which result in financial exigency and put students at risk of dropping out of school. The HOPE Fund provides support to enable students get back on the pathway toward graduation. Indeed, based on the University’s analysis, the Fund will often serve as the key difference between a student dropping out or remaining on track. 

We ask all students who benefit from the HOPE Fund that if and when they are able to return the funds in the future that they do so. This is seen as their way of giving back to the fund so other students in need can be helped. No pressure is put on the students to return the funds, however, neither are penalties assessed if they choose not to do so.Students who experience lack of housing, at risk of becoming homeless or go without food, can seek assistance through the HOPE Fund. To learn more about the HOPE Fund or to apply for funds, visit:

The HOPE Fund Crisis Loan has been established to accommodate different funding streams, as follows:

  • General-use emergency funding
    Funds donated to a general unrestricted funding pool will be disbursed to students facing unforeseen emergencies and crisis situations.
  • Basic needs funding 
    Many SF State students are food insecure, and go without three square meals a day. Also, high costs of living in San Francisco and not enough available housing on campus, means that many students face the choice of commuting long distances to get to school, or living in sub-standard conditions.  A HOPE Fund gift designated specifically for students who are food and/or housing insecure, will be disbursed in the form of meal cards that can be used anywhere on campus. Students receiving food insecurity relief through the HOPE Fund will enjoy flexibility and choice in determining what and where they want to eat on campus. Basic needs funding will also be used to subsidize housing expenses for students who are at risk of becoming homeless.
  • Sexual violence/domestic violence crisis support 
    Designated funds within the HOPE Fund will also be used to provide support to students who are victims of sexual and/or domestic violence.

Student Testimonials

When I lost the financial support of my mother due to the loss of her job, I thought I might have to drop out of school. I was so close to graduating but had exhausted all of my financial options. When I saw the information on the SF State website about the HOPE Fund Crisis Loan I decided to apply. The loan helped me pay my tuition, buy books and even get a used laptop. This help came right when I was getting very discouraged. My mom has since found a job and I’m on track to graduate in May. 

- HJ, Class of 2017

Thank you SF State [HOPE Fund ], you truly lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. I am working hard as a single mother to get a degree to better my life and the life of my child. I have a learning disability that makes it even more challenging. I was so close to having to drop out which most likely would have been the end of my quest to be the first person in my family to graduate college. The HOPE Fund Loan helped pay for a needed medical expense that was not covered by my insurance which allowed me to stay in school. Thank you! 

- LB, Class of 2017

Other Ways to Give

Join the Alumni Association

By becoming a lifetime member of the Alumni Association for a one-time fee of $59, we will automatically donate $20 of your dues to the Class Gift Campaign. Membership is the best way for you to stay connected and hear about events and alumni get-togethers in cities around the world. Further benefits include career support, networking opportunities and continued access to the University community. Read more about the benefits of becoming a member of the Alumni Association.