About the Alumni Association

Created in the 1930s, SF State’s Alumni Association has a long history of keeping alumni connected and engaged to the University. The mission of the SF State Alumni Association is to enhance the interaction between San Francisco State University and its alumni, friends, students, parents, faculty and staff.

You can get involved with the Alumni Association by joining today! Membership is the best way for you to stay connected and hear about events and alumni get-togethers in cities around the world. Further benefits include career support, networking opportunities and continued access to the University community.

The SF State Alumni Association helps to cultivate and grow a strong connection with the University through communications, events and volunteer programs. We assist in educating the student body about roles and opportunities associated with being an alumna/us of SF State. The SF State Alumni Association builds relationships with its alumni, friends, students, parents, faculty and staff that facilitate support for and giving to the university.

Remember, as advocates and supporters of SF State, alumni and friends play a vital role in helping SF State remain the leader in providing high-quality, accessible higher education in the Bay Area.

Remember, once an SF State student, always an SF State alum!