Hall of Fame - 1998

Evelyn Ballard

Evelyn Ballard, M.D.

attended '39-'41

  • SFSU physician and deputy medical director through 1977.
  • At one time, only doctor for 1200 students. Initiated Women's Clinic; first in the CSU system to make birth control available.
  • Past national president of Campfire, Inc., now Campfire Boys and Girls, responsible for bringing boys into the program.
  • Author of numerous articles and workshops on sexuality, conflict resolution, family life and wellness promotion for seniors.
Melba Beals

Melba Beals

BA '71, Journalism

  • Author of award-winning Warriors Don't Cry, a searing memoir of the battle to integrate Little Rock Central High School 40 years ago.
  • As one of the Little Rock Nine -- nine African American children -- Ms. Beals was a flashpoint of the emerging civil rights struggle.
  • Ms. Beals is also a journalist and news reporter.
John Burton

John Burton


  • This all-league guard for SF State's basketball team went on to the political big leagues as a congressman and the president pro-temp of the California state senate.


Kenneth Fong

Kenneth Fong

BS '71, Biology

  • Founder and CEO of CLONTECH Laboratories in Palo Alto -- largest company of its kind founded and run by an Asian American.
  • Selected by Inc. Magazine as among 500 fastest growing companies in the US, and by San Francisco and San Jose business journals as among the hundred fastest growing companies in the Bay Area.
Stan Mazor

Stan Mazor

attended early '60s, Mathematics

  • Co-inventor and patent co-holder of the original computer microprocessor.
  • Responsible for developing first single-chip, general purpose computer central processor, considered one of the most important technological developments of the last half of this century.
  • 1996 Inductee into National Inventor's Hall of Fame.
Alma Ribbs

Alma Ribbs

BA '58, Home Economics;

  • CR '59, Secondary Education; MA '71, Social Science
  • "Mother Ribbs" taught 16 years in San Francisco Unified School District.
  • Co-created first and only African-American built and owned mortuary in San Francisco.
  • Recipient of the Business & Professional Women's Association Achievement Award.
David Walden

David Walden

BA '64, Mathematics

  • Member of team of engineers that developed the ARPANET, the Internet precursor.
  • One of first Internet programmers involved in numerous Internet innovations 1968 -- 1980.