Am I a member of the Alumni Association?

We'd gladly check for you! Give us a call at 415/338-2217 or email us at alumni@sfsu.edu.

What do I get as a member of the Alumni Association?

Benefits include: Access to the Online Directory of alumni to reconnect with fellow Gators, an @alumni.sfsu.edu email forwarding address, alumni library access, Mashouf Wellness Center, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI), MERLOT, medical insurance benefits, auto, home and renter's insurance, career tools, SF State Campus Bookstore perks on clothing, gifts, & iPad®/Mac®, local & global discounts, special offers of diploma frames and more!

Do I lose my SF State ID or my @mail.sfsu.edu email after I graduate? 

The @mail.sfsu.edu student email accounts expire 12 months after graduation or actively attending classes to increase security and reduce the risk of compromise. However, graduated students will still retain their system account and access student record information using the same SF State ID. Only email services will be affected.

The Email Security Improvement update from SF State's Information Technology Services (ITS) and the announcement of the alternative @alumni.sfsu.edu email forwarding address describes the policy in detail.

How do I request an @alumni.sfsu.edu email forwarding address?

First, make sure you are a member of the SF State Alumni Association. If you are not already a member, click here to see our membership options. Once you are a member, you will need your Alumni Association membership ID to input in the place of the constituent ID to create an account at connect.sfsu.edu for First Time Login. Click “Login” at the top right corner of the web page to get started.
Once you’ve created an account, go to connect.sfsu.edu/myfwdemail and complete the form. You’ll receive a confirmation email from our ITS department once your forwarding email has been set up. Please allow at least a week for your forwarding email to be set up.
If you need to verify your membership or require assistance signing up, please email alumni@sfsu.edu and a representative from the Alumni Association will assist you.

Can I access my old emails or contacts from my @mail.sfsu.edu account after I lose my student email?

No. All alumni are sent emails from the SF State's Information Technology Services three months leading up to their @mail.sfsu.edu accounts being disabled. Unless you are a current student whose email accidentally got deactivated, you can no longer access your @mail.sfsu.edu account after it is disabled.

I have my alumni forwarding email address, but I can’t access my Outlook account. What should I do?

All @alumni.sfsu.edu addresses are forwarding email addresses only. This means that there is no Outlook account to log into. All emails sent to your @alumni.sfsu.edu address should automatically forward to the personal email account you linked to when you submitted the forwarding email request form.
To check that your forwarding email address is working correctly – send a test email to your @alumni.sfsu.edu address and see if it gets sent to your personal email account. If it does – then your forwarding address is working! If not – send an email to alumni@sfsu.edu and we can confirm that your information is correct.

I entered the wrong email when I originally completed the My Forward Email request form. How can I fix it?

Send an email to alumni@sfsu.edu and let us know that your email where your forwarded messages go to needs to be updated. A representative of the Alumni Association will contact the Information Technology Services on your behalf to facilitate the change to assist you. 

How can I get in touch with a former classmate?

We do not share alumni information, but we'd gladly serve as an intermediary to share your note or email. It will be up to the alumna/us to connect with you. Please contact our office for further assistance. Members of the Alumni Association may log in to the Alumni & Friends Community to search fellow Gators using the Online Directory.

How can I table on campus?

All organizations that wish to table at San Francisco State University must complete a tabling request form issued by Enterprise Risk Management.

Where do I get the password to any of the discounts available?

Your membership welcome packet includes passwords you'll need for any of the discounts available or you can contact us for any specific discount code.

How do I check out a book from the Library with my membership card?

Simply take your Alumni Association membership card to the Circulation desk to have a barcode to be added to the back of it to be used to check out books.

How can the Alumni Association help me find a job?

Top SF State alumni employers you'd want to apply to include SF State, UCSF, Kaiser Permanente, Stanford University, SFUSD, City and County of San Francisco, Apple, UC Berkeley, Google, Wells Fargo, PG&E, Sutter Health, OUSD, Genentech, City College of San Francisco, Oracle, Bank of America, Facebook, Gap, Inc., Salesforce, AT&T, Uber, University of San Francisco, and First Republic Bank. Career Services & Leadership Development and the Alumni Association are here for you! See https://careerservices.sfsu.edu/careerdevelopment. You may find a Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)* Career Report can be helpful and it is available free to members of the Alumni Association.

Can I talk to a career counselor?

You can schedule an appointment with a career counselor at the Career Services and Leadership Development Office using Handshake.

Where do I post a job for alumni and students to see?

To partner with SF State to attract top talent and diversify your workforce, see https://careerservices.sfsu.edu/employers/postingjobsandinternships. Be sure to request to join the Alumni Association's LinkedIn group to post any opportunities for SF State alumni.

Can alumni mentor each other and students to improve professional and interpersonal skills?

You can join the Gator Connect online community as a mentee or mentor for an easy way to find and connect with other SF State students eager to learn from alumni in their career interest areas. On Gator Connect, you can search for and be matched with other alumni who share similar career, geographic, or subject matter interests. To learn more, visit Gator Connect.

I graduated. What must I do to get my diploma?

For reissue of undergraduate diplomas, see http://registrar.sfsu.edu/sites/default/files/reissdpl.pdf and for reissue of a graduate diploma, see http://grad.sfsu.edu/sites/default/files/forms/reissue-of-graduate-diploma.pdf.

In case you graduated in the past 6 months, and you didn't receive your diploma yet, see https://registrar.sfsu.edu/content/diploma-faqs.

What type of financial assistance, scholarship or awards does the Alumni Association offer to students at SF State?

Every year, 100+ students receive nearly $250,000 in financial assistance with awards ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. As with every scholarship available to SF State students, scholarships administered by the Alumni Association are listed at San Francisco State University Scholarship website where our students apply. Go to https://develop.sfsu.edu/makeagift and help us support more future alumni today!

When do I receive my scholarship award?

Scholarships administered by the Alumni Association are awarded for the fall semester and funds will be available after CENSUS in late September, with some in October and November. See https://financialaid.sfsu.edu/scholarships/faq for related information about scholarships available at SF State.

Is the Alumni Association interested in receiving old SF State yearbooks?

Absolutely! Drop them off at our offices or mail them in.