Hall of Fame

The SF State Alumni Hall of Fame was created in 1994 to honor alumni who have distinguished themselves through extraordinary achievements in their professional and civic endeavors.

Each year, a group of alumni are inducted into the Hall of Fame, including the Alum of the Year. Photos of the recipients are displayed in the first floor lobby of the Administration Building.

Hall of Fame Inductees

First Namesort ascending Last Name Title Induction Year
Yvonne Cagle Biochemist 1999
Wilma Mankiller Author, community leader 1995
Willie Brown Jr. Politician 1995
William J. Mason Historian 1999
William Marquis Public administrator 1995
Wesla Whitefield Musician 2001
Vitka Eisen CEO 2011
Virginia P. Marshall Educator 2019
Violet Robinson Professor 2003
Vernon Alley Musician 1997
Tom Ammiano Politician and activist 2006
Thomas Peters Philanthropist 2012
Steven Okazaki Filmmaker 2009
Steven Miller Record producer 2014
Stephen Wolf Business leader 1995
Stan Mazor Mathematician and inventor 1998
Stan Bunger Anchor 2011
Sonia Melara Entrepreneur, innovator, social visionary 1996
Shirley Thornton Education leader 1995
Sherry M. Hirota Educational administrator 2015
Rupert Garcia Artist 1995
Roy De Forest Artist 2003
Ronnie Schell Actor, comedian 1995
Ronald V. Dellums Politician 1995
Ronald Quidachay Judge 2006
Romona Tascoe Public administrator 2011
Robert Stephen Pastorino Diplomat 1997
Robert L. Harris Lawyer 2007
Robert B. Pasker Computer engineer 2000
Robert Garfias Ethnomusicologist 2019
Rebecca Solnit Writer 2018
Randy Hayes Filmmaker 2010
Ralf Hotchkiss Humanitarian 1996
R. Paul Butler Physicist 1997
Priscilla Ebersole Nurse 1997
Pierre Salinger Journalist 1995
Philip Schultz Writer 2011
Peter Casey Producer 2002
Paula LeDuc Business leader 2006
Paul Ash Activist 2005
Paul Gemignani Musical director 2002
Paul Cayard Sailing champion 2012
Norman Schwartz 2017
Nontsizi Cayou Dancer and author 1999
Mu Sochua Humanitarian and activist 2015
Mourad Lahlou 2017
Mohan Gyani Businessman 2002
Michael McClure Poet, playwright and novelist 2014
Melba Beals Journalist and activist 1998
Mary Calvert 2017
Marsha Rosenbaum Community leader 2012
Marjorie Stern Activist 1995
Margaret Avery Actor 2014
Manny Mashouf Businessman and philanthropist 2005
Malou Nubla Television anchor 2005
Lisa Cholodenko Filmmaker 2013
Leona Bridges Philanthropist 2012
Lawrence Chang Mathematician 1996
Kitty Tsui Writer 2018
Kevin Anderson Public administrator 2015
Kent Nagano Musical director 1995
Kenneth Fong Biologist and philanthropist 2006
Ken Bastida News anchor 2008
Kay Takeyama Dilena Professor Emerita 2011
Kathleen Martinez Community leader 2010
Karen Johnson-Brennan Nurse, educator and author 1996
Judy Marcus Community leader 2013
Juanita Tomayo Lott Statistician 2019
Joseph L. White Psychologist and activist 2008
Joseph E. Marshall Jr. Author and community activist 1996
Joseph Gionvinco Historian 1995
Jose Antonio Vargas Journalist 2012
Jose Medina Politician 1999
John Burton Politician 1998
John Gumas Business leader 2010
John Judd Business administrator 1997
John Handy Musician 2006
John Stanley Writer 2019
Jinho "Piper" Ferreira Sheriff 2018
Jim Wunderman 2017
Jim Wunderman Public administrator 2002
Jeffrey Tambor Actor 2009
Jayshree Ullal Engineer 2016
Janice Mirikitani Poet and activist 2010
Janet Pomeroy Author and activist 1995
Jan Wahl Television personality and producer 2007
James Sochor Athlete and coach 1999
Izzy Pivnick Activist and public administrator 1999
Heather Fong Police Chief 2004
Gwen Chan Education leader 2007
Gregory Fischbach Economist and businessman 2016
Gordon Hjalmarson Business leader 1995
Glen Charles Producer 2005
Gilman G. Louie Entrepreneur 1995
George Miller Politician 1997
George Marcus Business leader 1995
George Duke Musician 2010
Frederic Van Amberg News anchor 1995
Fred Lau Law enforcement 1997
Flora Chang University president 2011
Evelyn Ballard Physician and deputy medical director 1998
Esteban G. Burchard Physician-Scientist 2018
Ernest J. Gaines Author 1995
Elsa Cameron Curator of art 1999
Ella Jenkins Musician 2004
Donna Peterson Singer 1999
Donald Livingston Trustee of CSU 1995
Don Nasser Business leader 2010
Devorah Major Writer 2003
Dennis Chacones Public administrator 2001
Dennis O'Donnell Anchor 2016
Debra Fischer Physicist 2016
David Walden Mathematician and engineer 1998
David Sacks Entertainment mogul 2006
Dave McElhatton News anchor 1997
Darlene Marie Iskra Naval commander 2009
Danny Glover Actor and activist 1996
Daniel Sullivan Director 2015
Cleve Jones Activist 1995
Christopher Boyes Sound engineer 2004
Chris Larsen Businessman 2004
Carter B. Smith Radio personality 2004
Carla Pennington Producer 2008
Careth Reid Community leader 1995
Brent Stranathan Technical Producer 2012
Bob Toledo Coach 1997
Bill Baird Athlete 2009
Bill Honig Public administrator 1995
Bill Thomas Politician 2005
Bernard Bragg Actor 2013
Bernard Goldstein Professor 1995
Ben Fong-Torres Journalist 2003
Barbara Lavis Brannon Major General 2015
Arthur Dong Filmmaker 2007
Annette Bening Academy Award-nominated film actress 1996
Andrew Ly Businessman 2014
Amalia Mesa-Bains Author and activist 1995
Alma Ribbs Teacher and community leader 1998
Alice Fong Yu Teacher 1997
Al Martinez Journalist and author 2013
Ahimsa Sumchai Medical professional 1995
Adrian Greenberg Community leader 1995