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 Sybil Yang, Ph.D

Assistant Professor of Hospitality & Tourism Management

Sybil Yang, Ph.D. is an Assitant Professor at SF State where she co-directs the Hospitality & Tourism Management Eye-Tracker Lab. Prior to this, Sybil taught at the Culinary Institute of America, was a baker at Arizmendi and chef at Wente Vineyards. Before finding her passion for the food and beverage industry, Sybil was an investment banker with Saloman Smith Barney and an analyst for the venture capital firm Skipstone Ventures. Sybil currently lives in Oakland with six happy, free-range chickens. 

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Chef Tim Shaw

Chef Instructor, Vista Room

Chef Tim Shaw is the chef instructor at SF State's Vista Room. He has received an A.O.S. from The French Culinary Institute; M.A. in food studies from NYU; and a MPA in sustainable management from the Presidio Graduate School. His research focus is on promoting sustainability in food systems and nutrition. In 2007 he designed a program in Nutrition and Sustainability for the French Culinary Institute and was the keynote speaker for Yale Medical School's week-long module in nutrition in 2009

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Gerard Rangel

Executive Chef, City Eats

Gerard Rangel is the Exective Chef of City Eats at SF State. Prior to coming to SF State, Gerard studied at Le Cordon Bleu, California and is classically trained in French, Italian, and Mediterranean Cuisine. He is known for using seasonally available ingredients and innovative gastronomy techniques. Gerard enjoys cooking for SF State's diverse campus and "I take great pride in bringing the community together around delicious food that provides nourishment and memories that will last a lifetime." When Gerard is not cooking, he enjoys working on cars.  

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Jerome Dees, Jr. 

Director of Catering Sales at Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen

Jerome Dees, Jr. is a dual graduate of SF State - he earned degrees in Philosophy of Religion and Psychology in 2009. After graduating, Jerome started SmartSmelling Guru to help others understand their value & develop vital business networking and selling skills. A published author, accomplished speaker and host of the "5 Minute Networker", he is very passionate about helping others. Jerome is also the Director of Catering Sales with Wise Sons in San Francisco, who provided this delicious recipe! 


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